Insomnia 1, ca. 2017

Insomnia 2, ca. 2017


I created these pieces during a period where I was not sleeping well. As I would lay in the dark night, trying to will myself to sleep, my brain would be running. Amorphous and swirling agglomerations of emotions, thoughts, and impressions seemed to populate the black landscape stretching before my closed eyes. These abstract in black collages were my attempt to capture that.

Stash of old unfinished work

I recently came across a bunch of small, mostly unfinished pieces I did years ago. These have been laying in a box in a closet. Many were probably originally meant to be part of some bigger, unrealized project. Others were experiments with technique or just a collage doodle. I am surprised they have held together, given they are just hand-cut paper and gluestick. To preserve some of their memory, I thought it best to scan them. Presented here in no particular order.


The Temple of the Illusion of Control


The Temple of the Illusion of Control, 2023.

I also really appreciate this draft assembly with good afternoon light