Off to see my honey and some big game

Following a long week (shortened by time in the field, lengthened by the exhaustion from time in the field) and a marine ecosystems test, I have finally made it to the mid-semester vacation (midterm vac as they call it here). Many of my housemates have already vamoosed for Namibia and Botswana. Others are on their way to the Garden Route.

I am flying this afternoon to rendezvous with Fred in Johannesburg. From there, we are launching out on a safari tour of Kruger National Park. Very excited. Yes, I have packed Ben's camera and the charger.

I will likely be out of communication for the better part of the week, but rest assured I am having a glorious time in the wild not working on my term papers and research projects.

So who is this? More on that in the near future...