That last post was supposed to be posted almost 24 hours ago, but LAX wifi cut me off.

I have arrived safely in Brisbane after lengthy flights and an entertaining lay-over in Fiji. In the airport, I came upon a few young women with backpacks. I overheard one of them mention "GenChem" a good sign that they are bio majors at the University of California. I decided to step over, get over my shyness, and introduce myself. Good bet. I also met up with the young man who is assigned to the same homestay as me. It is worth it getting over the doubt and just putting my hand out there.

Everyone is lovely. We are getting cell phones sorted. My new pals are having a beer, I am having a soda. We will soon walk back to the backpackers hotel for dinner.

More later, but I do not want to be rude.

Oh, and the battery on my camera needed charging, so nothing to share on that front yet...

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Victoria Randolph said...

Grateful you made it to you destination in one piece and that you will be blogging, you anti FB'er you...