Collage Art - the old stuff

The following are photographs of older collage pieces I made.

While I have sold or donated some pieces to art functions and fund raisers in the past, these are still in my possession. The pieces here were either never for sale or no one wished to purchase them. So, they live on the walls of my house.

They are framed and do not scan well. Hence, the crappy phone photos.

They were all made sometime between 2006 and 2017. I cannot recall which pieces were made when, though I am attempting to put them up in some form of chronological order. While I typically dislike untitled works, some had titles that are lost to memory.

The Possessed, circa 2006-08

Perhaps Womanhood, circa 2006-07

Justice, circa 2009-10

Home Sweet Home, circa 2015-16

Perhaps The Inner Child, circa 2015-16