Quarantine Art - Postcards from the Edge - "Overthought"

I have thought about making postcards for the quarantine. People love receiving mail. While a "wish you were here" may not be completely appropriate in the age of social distancing, I like the idea of people being able to get a little bit of art and frivolity in their mail box. It is also always nice to know you have been thought of.

Furthermore, I wanted to create the opportunity to share in some of the sleepless nights and odd dreams that have become part of our shared pandemic experience.

I had not wanted to mass-produce them, so that every recipient would receive a one of a kind piece.

Despite the stuff the road to hell happens to be paved with, I have not worked out the logistics of making any of my crappy glue-stick collages sturdy enough to send by post, especially if I am not sending reproductions of the original. A good number of the pieces I have been making are too big, but I am hoping to figure out a means of making a bunch of smaller sendable pieces.

Postcard I - Overthought 2020