Random Additional MBTE memories - Chinchilla edition

Mia and I were chatting, and she reminded me of a funny little interlude we had on our way to Carnarvon Gorge. It had given us and a couple others several kilometres of giggles on the otherwise lengthy busride.

At one point, we passed through the town of Chinchilla. From the bus window, we spotted a variety of businesses with names like Chinchilla Laundry, Chinchilla Golf Course, and Chinchilla Masonry. Others on the bus could not figure out why we found these so funny and cracked up so hard at other  Chinchilla businesses we made up, even as the town faded in the distance behind us. We were mostly at a loss to explain the humour.

I feel that this imagined chamber of commerce (as well as the real one) was funny for two reasons. In addition to the mental image of horrible industries and economies based on small South American mammals (who would play golf with a chinchilla?), we also imagined a small village of anthropomorphised chinchillas doing small town human activities.

And if you do not find that interesting or funny (and why would you?), there is the consolation prize of a photo of Toby sleeping with his wakeful kitty mask on...

It was a very long bus ride.