Return to Brisbane, Return to Backpackers

We have returned. I know I have not yet posted for Carnarvon Gorge and Heron Island. I will. We have been kept incredibly busy.

Our bus arrived in Brisbane at the Backpackers' right around midnight last night. That was following an exceptionally long day. Following breakfast, we packed and cleaned out of our presence at the station. Then, we held our presentations on our research projects. After that, it was time to go catch the ferry.

The ferry ride was exceptionally choppy, and I am so grateful for my sea bands, ginger drops, and seat on the back deck with strong breezes.

Once ashore, we boarded a bus for the 8 hour trip back to the city.

Today holds administrative chores with the program offices and then the continued scramble to get our papers done. We have been told that this paper is expected to be of higher quality than the one we produced following Stradbroke. However, what we conceived/planned in 2 weeks, executed in 1 week, and then reported in 2 weeks, we now have to do all of in 10 days. Being the opposite of a fan of pressure, I am quite pleased.

Must get breakfast and then to campus.

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