Gearing to Go

Preparations are proceeding apace, and the nerves are beginning to set in. I always get a little extra jittery a week or so before a big trip. This proves to be no exception.

My visa has been confirmed, and I got to visit a couple of my friends (Leah and Bianca) from the Australia trip after picked up my passport from the consulate. It was lovely catching up. It was also nice no longer worrying that I might not be allowed into South Africa for some reason.

Having participated in the collage art show at the Beatnik Lounge (a creative extension of Radio Free Joshua Tree), I now am putting away all my art supplies to re-purpose my officespace to be the staging area for my packing.

Just some of the things I have been doing to prepare:
*Calling all credit cards to notify them of international travel
*Printing out the following:
  • UCEAP health insurance documents
  • Acceptance letters from UCT and University of California
  • Flight itinerary
  • Arrival details provided by the International Program Office
*Requesting South African Rand from the bank so I have cash for my arrival
*Following up with appropriate people that all administrative hoops have been jumped through
*Making contacts in Cape Town, both grad students for research opportunities and members of the recovery community

Still loads to take care of at home in addition to actually packing. I am getting excited, and it is nice to get Fred excited as well. He will be coming to visit in late March, which will help break up the separation we went through while I was in Australia. It has been fun making plans with him for some shared African adventures.

I know that, as per the usual, I will be fine once I am on the plane. In the meantime, I am adapting to a near constant state of jittery worry. It is as if something is hanging over my head...

The art/light installation in Palm Springs that was like a Christmas Village jointly designed by Arthur Rankin, Jules Bass, Terry Gilliam, and H.R. Geiger.