Taking Fred around the Cape

We realized that for the entirety of the time Fred was in Cape Town, we had not gotten him down to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point (the southwesternmost points of the African continent).

Therefore, for Freedom Day (a public holiday commemorating the first democratic elections in South Africa 21 years ago), we booked a tour with a local chap who took us (and a group of 5 young people from the US, the UK, and Zimbabwe all celebrating a friend's birthday together) around the Cape. He is known for being quite funny, and he made for an enjoyable tour around the area.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay + Fred and Matthew

Smitswinkel Bay, a lovely little community that is only accessible either by boat or by a 4km hike.

Smitswinkel Bay + Matthew

Fred enjoys the view from the combi

Not Southernmost on the continent?

Panorama of False Bay

An absolutely beautiful day of it

We managed to rest control of the sign from the usual tourbus loads lining up to take pictures with this.

The light house of Cape Point.

Roadside Ostrich

Clouds jetting over the mountain tops

My sweetie and me.

After that tour, we went back to Fred's place to pack him out and over to mine. Then we had to pack up his suitcase to get him ready to go back to the States the following day.

I miss having him here.