Finally, photos of Mia and Daniella's birthdays

It was a while ago, but a group of us got together for an ostensible study group that turned out to be a gentle little birthday celebration for Daniella and Mia. We met for dinner and then engaged in ridiculous gluttony at a cafe specializing in seriously.


Daniella is excited

Mia is ecstatic but a bit daunted by our choice of desert

A different angle...

And then the rest of the gang joining in the tom-foolery...

Shira and Jacqui

Rodney and Tyler, always good for face

Shira, Jenn, and Ryan (Rubics)

Kimberly photobombed by Jon

Bianca and Leah

Jenn and Alissa

cooties and chocolate



Jon, looking pleasant

Tyler and Rodney, as the new boy band Colate!

Birthday girl and me
Oh, and I discovered that terrible street art knows no international boundaries.