Some quick pics of the author and his Travel Monkey

I am still navigating the world of the internet here (in addition to house-mating, personal safety in Cape Town, the magic of the fellowship, the expectations of our orientation, how to understand the myriad of South African accents that exist, and being mindful of currency exchange rates), and it can be difficult to get reliable internet.

I just returned home from an amazing day. Saw and experienced tons of awesomeness on our bus tour of the Cape. We saw ostriches and antelope. We were fed by the people of Ocean View before their community youth project put on performances for us. We went to the South-Westernmost point of the African continent. And stuff.

 Before I head out to a meeting in a couple minutes, I wanted to put up two of my favorite photos of the day, starring yours truly and Monkey. They were taken at an overlook across from the village of Hout Bay. The peak on the left of the land is called the Sentinel.

When bandwidth and time permits, more will follow...