The Grotto

Saturday we moved from the temporary dormitory residences on UCT campus to our semester housing. Along with 6 other students, I moved to a house on Grotto Road, just off the middle campus here. Jessica, who works with Ida Cooper (the grande dame of international student accommodation in Cape Town), brought us over and was blown away herself by the beauty of the house.

Yes, that is a pool.

View of the house from my room, which is above the laundry room on a back building

There have been some issues with door locks, and my hot water heater is not functioning (fortunately, it is hot enough where a cold shower is rather refreshing, for now). However, I think this can be a good fit.

My housemates and I are all very pleased by the diversity we have in our household. Three students from Princeton. Three from UC Berkeley. Me from Irvine. African American, mixed race, Latino, Middle Eastern, South and East Asian. Men, Women, Queer. It is quite a mix. We have students studying economics, education, environmental science, politics.

AND, we have older, non-traditional students, including transfers. So...transfer students and older students CAN and DO study abroad...