For the Transfer Student

I wanted to make a quick point. Knowing me, I may get going and then go on and on, but the intentions at the outset are brief.

There is a myth that transfer students cannot study abroad. I held this belief myself when I transferred to UC Irvine a year ago from community college. However, there are those who have disabused me of the idea, and I am very grateful that they did. Otherwise, I would not be here in Brisbane at the present moment.

Additionally, at least two others in our group (I have not performed an exhaustive survey of the 30 UC students in our group) are also transfer students. At least 10% of our crew here have the background of being transfer students, making the jump from community college to 4-year university.

If a transfer student reads this, please allow this to help unfold the future as a broader pasture of possibility. I personally love option and opportunity. Just the possibility of doing something makes me happy. You do not have to miss out on augmenting your time at university with a term or longer abroad just because you spent some time at community college. It may take a little extra work, but the best things often do. Given the toughness of transition for transfer students anyways, it really is not that major of investment in energy.

May you take my experience (as well as Ryan's and Mia's) as an additional possibility in the intentional educational experience you craft for yourself.