Terrestrial Ecology Field Trip #2

Tomorrow morning, early (possibly so early that bright doesn't even enter the picture), Andrew and I will make our way down to UQ to meet up with the rest of our team/crew/cohort (I really should attempt a new synonym every time I refer to this gaggle of UC students of which I am privileged to be a part).

From there we will all launch out on the next field trip for the Terrestrial Ecology component of this EAP.

"Where?" you might ask.

I am glad you asked. We will be heading to Lamington National Park.

As everyone knows, lamington is that delicious chocolate dipped sponge cake coated in dried coconut.

hmmmm, tasty tasty field ecology.
Undoubtedly, we will be conducting research into the natural habitat of the lamington, which I predict would be some sort of tea tray or possibly small decorative plate. We may gather data on the life expectancy of these bars in a hot cup of tea. We also have been developing hypotheses regarding  resource competition in ecosystems where their range overlaps with the habitats of Tim-Tams.

The best part for me will certainly be getting to investigate the park service's strategies for maintaining a decent coconut coating in the wet climate that dominates that corner of the Queensland/New South Wales border.

While I develop my taste for scientific inquiry and erode the enamel on the teeth of my ignorance, I am afraid that yet again I will be without communication resources for the coming week. If you would like to leave a message, feel free to do so at the beep. We return to Brisbane on Friday. Chat with you then!

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