Just figured I should try to keep getting some of my pictures posted, even though they do not necessarily fill a specific timeframe or theme.

Sometimes, photographs are just photos...

So to begin, a giant inflatable duck on the river!

The hell? Indeed.

An adorable little lime green jumping spider. With the advent of spring, the arachnids are in bloom

Saw this t-shirt in a shop. I'm not familiar with a town like this in California...must be Charming, Canada.

Grooving to the puffy clouds and blue skies.

Colourful goofing with the gang at school. I took Ryan's hat and started pretending I was badass.

And yet Erin appears to be the tough one.

The blur in the bottom right is me. I was perched on the edge of a rollerchair, which shot out from under me at the precise moment the photo was snapped.

Ryan and I exchanged chapeaus and yet were absurdly colourful
This last photo is an entry into a genre with which I am currently obsessed. There is a photo competition in this program, and we may all contribute photos to the pool. I asked Jemma from the International Programs Office what the categories were, and she started mentioning "funny, nature, students in science,..." I then asked, "Is there a category for depressingly lonely urban photographs? I have taken loads of those." The look of deep concern she shot me...she truly is a lovely woman upon whom I should not inflict my flippant bleakness.

Any-ole-who, I have stopped on my occasional late-night walks to attempt to hold the camera still long enough to capture the quiet, lonesome urban and suburban streets. I find them very pleasing. There is a beauty to them, even though there is sometimes a sadness to them. To be honest, they are not indicative of some festering depression in me. Much like the music of the Smiths, there is a gentle melancholy to them that is more uplifting than depressing.

The darkness of Gordon Road late at night.
I'll try to post more of them, as well as uplifting daytime images, soon.

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